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July 28, 2012
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Lucent for Windows 7 by C---M Lucent for Windows 7 by C---M
Update 8 - Added new style with a 24px Taskbar
Update 7 - Font change from Arial to SegoeUI
Update 6 - Changed the color of the taskbar text to white
Update 5 - Some people have requested that I include both the old version of Lucent (without borders) along with the new one (with borders). The old version of Lucent still has and will always have the gap at the top of web browsers because there's no way to fix that.
Update 4 - Borders are now lined up correctly for all browsers
Update 3 - Now with alternative images for the navigation buttons ( see them in the preview )
Update 2 - The small taskbar background is now fixed
Update 1 - Theme now displays under installed themes correctly as " Lucent"

My version of a minimalistic Windows 7 Style

This visual style is displayed best with the "Frost" color at 0% transparency as it appears in the preview

-Lucent Visual Style ( without borders)
-Lucent Visual Style ( with borders)
-Lucent Visual Style ( with 24px taskbar)
-Explorer Navigation Buttons
-Alternative Navigation Buttons

Not Included
-Icons by me- inspired from Metro2 for Superbar by *zainadeel
-Winamp - Gaia 10 mod by me - Download Lucent for winamp here
-Led Cinema Display

1. Patch your system files using the Universal Theme Patcher

2. Install the theme
Copy the "Lucent" folder and Lucent.msstyle to your themes directory: "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" (the path may vary depending on your OS)

3. Change the windows navigation buttons
Use Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer by =Kishan-Bagaria to change the navigation buttons; images are available in the folder "Lucent\Images"
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A very, very nice design, I'm searching since a long time for a borderless theme. But it lacks a bit of contrast, which makes items, that dont have a focus/hover effect on them, difficult to read. Also some programs like Keepass 2 and Chrome seem to have some serious problems with the theme.
My display preferences are different from yours so my hover effects appeared normal for me when I made the theme. As for the defects on certain windows I don't know how to fix that.
can u share ur icon mr ? pliss ^^
You can find similar icons in the description. I haven't made an icon pack for them.
haiphong0912 Jan 29, 2014  New member
Hello, what is your photo's viewer? I love it
Quicktime PictureViewer
haiphong0912 Jan 28, 2014  New member
Hello, could you tell me what is your photo viewer?
would be great to add different background color for active icons on the taskbar. Or maybe a dark underline under the icon, just so u can tell which programs are opened, as right now it's difficult to tell if using image which has bright colors.
I have patched all 3 files, extracted the theme folder but I click on the theme it looks nothing like above. Why?

I don't think you pasted the folder the correct way. Once you download the file, open the "Lucent" folder and paste everything in the "Themes" folder. 

Everything highlighted in red goes in the Theme folder.

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